I have written this book for you if you are....


Considering adoption? 

This book will help you thoroughly understand the emotional and practical challenges associated with having a child placed with you for adoption.  It will help you be more informed and prepared as you go through the adoption approval process.


An approved adopter waiting to have a child placed for adoption? 

This book will help you fully anticipate and prepare emotionally as well as practically for the journey that awaits you.  It will help you understand the key elements to making an adoption placement a success and help you plan for the practicalities of therapeutic adoptive parenting.


An adoptive parent who is struggling and feeling overwhelmed? 

This book will help you feel reassured, understood and will give you the realisation that you are not alone in what you are feeling.  It will offer you essential practical strategies and support that you can implement straight away to regain control of your emotions and your life, and it will help you develop the confidence and the will to continue.


An adoptive parent whose family is just surviving?

This book will offer you a few other ideas and approaches that might just help make the difference and help you transition to the happy, settled family unit that you desire but that seems just beyond your grasp at the moment. 


A social worker working in an adoption related areas? 

This book will help you prepare adoptive parents even more thoroughly for the emotional upheaval associated with adopting a child from the care system.  With this book you can help adoptive parents become more confident in the specialised parenting skills which are so important when parenting traumatized and challenging children.


A foster carer? 

Whether you are a new or experienced, emergency, short or long term foster carer this book may help you deepen your understanding of some of the challenges faced by adoptive parents after a child leaves your care and transitions to theirs.  It may also provide additional insights to bolster your knowledge and experience about parenting traumatised children and helping smooth the transition through your care to their new home.


A family member, a friend, or an acquaintance of someone adopting a child from the care system?

This book will help you understand more about the emotional and practical challenges often faced by adoptive parents.  After reading this book you will be more informed and in a better place to offer emotional and practical understanding and support.


A teacher or club leader that may have adopted children in your groups?

This book will help you achieve a better understanding of some of the challenges adopted children and their adoptive parents may face, and strategies for how you can interact with them and their parents to help meet the child's precise needs and help them progress.

The book should serve as a source of inspiration and hope for those who are really struggling with their child and is proof that you can work through any difficulties and have your own happy ending. The emotional side of things is coupled with tried and tested methods for coping as adoptive parents, whilst also dealing with difficult children.

I highly recommend this book to anybody either going through the process or who has adopted already and is struggling with challenging situations.” 


Lal Lister – Potential Adoptive Parent