Adopting a child from the care system may be more emotionally challenging than you anticipate.  This book will help you prepare in ways that will really make a difference.

  • I have written this book to help you anticipate, think and prepare for your adopted child in ways you never have before; and to be aware of how you really may feel after your child is placed. 
  • I explore the sensitive subject of the debilitating emotions some adopters feel following placement of their child, and offer strategies for how to tame these emotions and move through them to a more emotionally settled, resourceful and happier place.
  • I share adoption stories, experiences and wisdom from other adoptive families so that you can learn from their successes and failures.
  • I focus on helping your whole family not just the child you are adopting.   It is important for a successful adoption placement that your whole family unit thrives.
  • I offer practical advice and strategies to help your adopted child develop and achieve their full potential.

"By far one of the best all-around adoption books I have ever read. I can feel the real-life, in the trenches experience of the author come through with deep wisdom and understanding. If there were an adoption parenting road map for establishing love and relationship in a home this is it. Please read and reread. Books at this level of true applicability and parenting guidance are rare.”


Bryan Post, Author and Internationally recognised specialist in the treatment of emotional and behavioural disturbance in adults, children and families.