Hello, I'm Sophie.  I am a mother of two wonderful children; a birth son and an adopted daughter.  I live in the South of England with my husband our two children and an ever growing number of pets.


Our son was born following years of heartache caused by infertility.  When he was three years old, my husband and I decided to expand our family through adoption.  Four years later we had a little girl placed with us for adoption and it wasn’t long until the challenges of integrating her into our family started to hit home. 


At this time, I found that much of what I had learned in the course of my career combined with my experience of being a mother and the knowledge gleaned from an ever growing pile of parenting and adoption related books, guided us as we helped this little girl manage the transition from a challenging child to a much cherished daughter.


Professionally I have spent 25 years working with individuals and teams, helping people better understand themselves and each other and the impact they can and do unknowingly have on each other.  By helping people improve their listening and communication skills, gain broader perspectives and interact in a more thoughtful way I am able to help people dissipate tension, resolve conflict and build effective relationships.  Over the years I have also worked as a volunteer with disadvantaged children through schools and through the criminal justice system.